Girl loves her short hair

“Once every few months, I run my hands through my short hair and wish for something different. Something longer. But for the last eight years, I have never followed through. Two weeks in and I can’t stand how unkept it looks, and I run to the salon to get it buzzed.
I love my short hair, don’t get me wrong. It sets me apart. It feels good to me. It’s the start of many heated debates about Miley Cyrus. But I’ve had short hair my entire adult life. I have no idea what I look like with longer hair and I want to know.
Why is this time any different? I’m not sure that it is. But I figure it’s worth a shot to try again to grow out my hair to a longer length. I’m not doing this for anyone but myself. There’s no boy in the picture, no job requirement to have a “normal” look. I just feel, somewhere deep down, that it’s time for a change.
So get ready for a bunch of selfies of the side of my head, hair inspiration pictures, and me asking questions about how to cover my fuzzy head and how to leave it alone. “